Music & Recording

This page is dedicated to recording music...

From the aspect of recording it with Music Creator software from Cakewalk and also Jamstix2.
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Perhaps you are a musician looking for a relatively inexpensive way to record the ideas floating around in your head. Well, you have come to the right place. I have been using Cakewalk products for many years now. I got out of music recording for a while when my computer OS was updated..but that's a long story.

I have been using MC4 & JS2 now for some time with outstanding results. I have learned a few things and on the music pages here...you might find some ideas that will assist you in setting up and running this recording rig. My soundcard interface is a Focusrite Saffire which is a superb interface.

I am not an "expert" but I have learned a few things that might save you some time...and grief.

So to go to the tips page...click the link below.
MC4/5 Tips
Jamstix Tips
MC4 & 5 Tips
Jamstix Tips
I am including some pictures on this page that show my humble recording studio. It doesn't look like much, but I can produce broadcast quality recordings here.
As you can see I do not have a mixer. All signals...midi & audio go straight into
my Saffire interface...guitars & mic.
Here is the Dell 1720 that is used for recording....in the small pic above ..my Saffire interface is on the desk beside the Dell.
To the Left is the POD2 used for most of my studio recordings.

To the Right is the Boogie 22w studio amp.
To the Left is the Focusrite Saffire recording interface that I use... It's awesome!!!

Below are my two midi keyboards. The top one is a Radio Shack something or other that was given to me. The bottom keyboard, the one that I use all the time is my Yamaha DX-27S.
Just a few pics here of my guitars...or parts of them... The Ibanez is an acoustic.... of course, the Gibson is my baby....a 69 SG.

Look closely and you can see that the chrome is missing from the bridge pickup and the bridge is not factory...
it is a custom BadAss bridge that I installed myself.....
I have owned several other guitars and basses, but currently this is all I have.
This is a picture of the studio work area.
You can see my SM-58 trying to get in the picture too.